Infrastructure Company in Lodz - partner

Infrastructure Company in Lodz is a limited liability company, where the City of Lodz holds 100% of the shares. The Company’s key tasks include:

  • Management of Lodz water and sewage infrastructure in cooperation with the Zakład Wodociągów i Kanalizacji in Lodz and  Group Wastewater Treatment Plant in Lodz;
  • Implementation of water and sewage-related investments (investments in modernisation of the existing water and sewage network, and in development of the new network),
  • Implementation of other investments related to the municipal infrastructure.

Implementation of the “Waterworks and Wastewater Treatment Plant in Lodz II” Project, which is one of the largest environmental Cohesion Fund projects in Poland, was the first task allocated to the Łódzka Spółka Infrastrukturalna. As a result of this investment, 3 stations supplying water for Lodz (Systems: Łódź, Tomaszow-Lodz and Sulejow-Lodz) have been modernised, over 350 km of the new water and sewage network have been provided, and over 100 km of the waterworks in the city centre will be replaced. Thus almost 100% of the inhabitants of Lodz will have access to water supplied from the waterworks, and approx. 98% to the sewage system.

Łódzka Spółka Infrastrukturalna is an entity whose operations include a target of improving the living standard of the Lodz population, therefore it is also involved in the projects other than water and sewage-related projects, i.e. Life+, Switch, KanalNet, Historia Łodzi Włazami Pisana (Lodz History Told by Its Manholes) and Underground Lodz.