The system of trainings under the EH-REK project: “Ecohydrological rehabilitation of the recreational Arturowek (Łódź) reservoirs as a model approach to rehabilitation of urban reservoirs” is planned for implementation between 2013 and 2014.

The trainings will be delivered:

  • at the level of the city – for Lodz platform of the water sector stakeholders (the “Learning Alliance” group established as a result of the EU SWITCH Project);
  • at the national level – for employees of the WIOS (Voivodship Inspectorate for Environmental Protection, RZGW (Regional Water Management Board), and municipal administration bodies; and
  • at the international level – training delivered by the University of Lodz and other scientific and research entities, addressed to such groups as the UNESCO-IHP trainees, international trainees and participants of the courses in ecohydrology;

Educational measures are also addressed to the local community members (such as elementary schools, lower and upper secondary schools as well as higher schools), and involve activities raising ecological awareness (such as publication of brochures and information disseminated through media).

Training program