Department of Appiled Ecology – coordinator

University of Lodz, Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection

The University of Lodz’s Department of Applied Ecology operating within the Institute of Biology and Environmental Protection at the Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection was established in 1990. Research conducted at the Department is focused on the integrated strategy of conservation and rehabilitation of river systems and dammed reservoirs.

Key Issues:

  • Ecohydrology – integration of hydrological, biological and biogeochemical processes within the river ecosystem scale in terms of improvement of water quality
  • Ecosystem Biotechnologies – the use of biological processes to regulate biogeochemical cycles in terms of reducing area pollution and accelerating biological processes of self-purification of rivers and streams
  • Monitoring and control of the course of successional processes in the consecutive stages of eutrophication, reduction of the eutrophication symptoms (such as toxic cyanobacterial blooms) in dammed reservoirs and lakes by using feedbacks occurring in the biological systems
  • Bioindication – the use of statistical methods in order to assess quality of water in the river systems
  • The use of bioremediation for the purpose of rehabilitation of water and land ecosystems
  • The use of aquaculture in order to increase fishing productivity and maintain biodiversity of inland waters as well as improve quality of water resources
  • The role of fish as an indicator of the degree of degradation of the environment and regulator of biological processes.